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Super U service station
In June this year, I tried to buy fuel at a Super U fuel station at Andard in the Loire valley near Angers, I inserted my Starling card ( which I have used many times in France) and entered my pin number, the system checked with my card issuer and then declined the transaction, I requested a receipt even though the transaction was for zero euros. I didn't know why the transaction was declined so I tried again with the same card ( I had 358.67 euros credit and about 1000 sterling on the card) , the same thing happened I got another receipt for zero euros. I tried my Mastercard credit card, it was also declined, I then tried my Ulster Bank debit card, it was also declined. I thought the system must be faulty and left the service station. Later that day when I checked my Starling account, I discovered that Super U had requested a prepayment of 500 euros from my account. As my account only contained 358.67 euros it took the full 358.67 euros from my account leaving me with no funds in that account, I would have expected that if the transaction amount was zero, then that's what I would have been charged. I contacted Starling and they told me that when the transaction changes from pending, they will contact Super U. The transaction didn't change from pending, I contacted Starling a few times, and I think, because of the odd amount, they didn't believe I didn't get any fuel. I was able to forward copies of the zero receipts to them and eventually after a couple of weeks, they refunded my account. Now, when I use these unattended fuel stations, I always get a receipt and keep them until I see that the correct amount has been deducted from my account. I still can't figure out why they requested 500 euros, most other stations I have used, request about 100 euros and limit the max fuel you can take to that amount. I sent emails to customer services at Super U, but I still haven't received a response from them. My fuel tank only holds 100 litres which would be a maximum transaction of less than 200 euros. I have no problems with that card at any other service operators. Beware.

Date: 05.10.2023 · Author: ColinM · 11 Replies
What's that premium section all about?
We plan to bring back the premium sections, why?

To raise funds to pay for the website and forums, this isn't fakebook, it costs money.


Private area away from untoward individuals who like to know when you're away for the weekend.
Anything else we can think of as we go along.

Price we have decided will be £5.99 per year.

A webpage will be made shortly that you can go to if you wish to support us. It's not compulsory by any means, however bear in mind, unlike fakebook, we do not steal and sell your data to third companies, we do not track your every move, we don't allow photos of peoples dinner ;) - plus more crap that unsocial media does.


Date: 28.09.2023 · Author: MotorhomeCraic · 48 Replies
Camping Crew Podcast
*** LATEST EPISODE – Visiting Motorhomes – Episode 188 of The Camping Crew Podcast is out now.

You will find it on your favourite Podcast app, Spotify, Smart Speaker or online here:

Date: 27.09.2023 · Author: Ally · 2 Replies
Were you in Motorhome Craic club?
Now that it's finished, closed, extinct, no more, gone......... this parrot is dead.

Did you avail of the twelve months free offer for campingNI? Do you know about it?

Would you like the information?

*Only available to MHCC members that were in MHCC at the time of closing* we do keep records 😉😜

Date: 27.09.2023 · Author: Ally · 14 Replies
We’re back , 😃
Hi to you all, it’s great to be back.
Come on in and say hello.

Date: 26.09.2023 · Author: JJF · 50 Replies
Donagheys Motorhomes closing
Donagheys Motorhomes sadly closing, no other reason other than they can't get stock and what they can get is arriving late and prices fluctuating.

They close in December.

Date: 30.08.2022 · Author: Ally · 63 Replies
Retail therapy!
MHC goodies

Date: 09.06.2022 · Author: Ally · 0 Replies
🔸Atticall Community Centre, motorhome parking
On App

🔸Offsite Motorhome/Caravan site for overnight stays

This venture is run and operated by the local community association in conjunction with Atticall GAC and The Mourne Lodge.

It is a project that will bring benefits to the local community and also to our visitors. The area is well known for its natural beauty and outstanding hospitality which we want to share with all of you!

Terms and conditions relating to staying in Atticall Community Grounds:

🔸Arrival time from 2pm onwards and leaving on day of departure by 12pm.
🔸The area should be left in the same condition as it was originally in prior to stay.
🔸All rubbish must be disposed off correctly using the bins provided.
🔸No loud music to be played. – Please consider other guests and residents.
🔸Payment must be made prior to arrival via The Mourne Lodge Website per night per Motorhome
🔸Details of the vehicle should be given at time of booking.
🔸Any special requirements should also be noted upon booking.

Costing and availability:
🔸£15 per motorhome per nightly rate
🔸Booking required in advance please contact Mairead White at 07918197000
🔸Availability all week and during July and August with few restrictions
🔸Newly prepared parking facilities and community centre with a complete revamp

Additional Information:

🔸Full cooked breakfast can be provided upon request for an additional cost. (Please note when booking at the nearby Mourne Lodge).
🔸Packed Lunches can also be made to order upon request.
🔸Gated secure parking (ideal for walking/ hiking in the Mournes)
🔸Access to the community centre with outdoor facilities if necessary
🔸Bar facilities at the weekend
🔸 Spectacular views of the Mournes

Local Attractions:

🔸The Local GAC Club – Located on the grounds
Full Bar facilities, pool room and Juke Box
🔸Grants Stores (Local Supermarket)
Open 8am – 9pm Daily
🔸An amazing set of local walks:
Details can be found on notice board


🔸Atticall Community Centre, 140 Tullyframe Road, Atticall, Newry, Co.Down, N.Ireland , BT34 4RZ
🔸Grid Reference: Grid Reference Link
🔸Google Maps Link: Atticall Community Centre Google Maps Address

Contact in case of Emergency:

🔸Mairead White (Atticall Community Association) - 07918197000

Date: 09.06.2022 · Author: Ally · 2 Replies
Donegal County Council, tell Motorhome users to stay away.
Good job there is still a ferry to the continent, what a crowd of tosses.…mper-vans/

Date: 01.06.2022 · Author: JJF · 22 Replies
Circle K Fuel Card launch 1st June!! **Now Live**
Our Circle K fuel card launch is the 1st June.

3 Cent of a litre and 2 pence of a litre at all Circle K Stations.

NO CHARGES EVER, unlike who we were previously with.

Circle K ROI Application

Circle K NI Application

Mobile App:

Station Locator:

Date: 30.05.2022 · Author: Ally · 24 Replies
Bars that welcome Motorhomes - overcharging?
I made the Bars listed on Motorhome Parking Ireland free for everyone, no need to buy the app, to support bars in Ireland and NI. Yes there are google maps, but they are quite useless, clumsy, awkward, no reviews etc etc.

It seems now that quite a few are going to make us regret that as they are starting to introduce higher charges. The whole idea is Motorhome owners bring custom to Bars, if they don't spend money in the premises then the premises charge them. Recommended is €10 with no services, we don't need services.

It's not uncommon to spend well over €150 or £150 in a bar with food & drink so why would the bar charge for parking, it seems greed is the order of the day. A couple of bars have went ahead and installed not needed services, thats all welcome, but when you start pricing that parking at €15 + then its not going to get used by people frequenting the premises.

Another review added today with a bar charging €10 for parking even when you spend money in the bar and you have to pay in cash at the local shop.

Some bars are going to turn people away. We all know who they are.

Pubs/restaurants who provide Parking for a charge should discount the charge from any bar/restaurant bill over a specified amount.

Date: 06.05.2022 · Author: Ally · 31 Replies
Spanish, warning triangle changes.
Changes afoot regarding motoring regulations for Spain.
Warning triangles being phased out, new beacons becoming mandatory.…spain.html

Date: 29.01.2022 · Author: JJF · 23 Replies
€1.5million boost to Graignamanagh thanks to campervan visitors
Graignamanagh’s Outdoor Activity Hub is bringing a €1.5million boost to the town’s economy every year.

The massive financial boost comes from visitors spending money in local businesses - and it’s not just supermarkets or hospitality benefitting, local councillors have been told.…itors.html

Date: 26.01.2022 · Author: Ally · 1 Replies
Bins category added to MPI app today.
Especially worthwhile when touring ROI.

I'll start adding some tomorrow. HNY 🍺🍺

Date: 26.12.2021 · Author: Motorhome Parking Locations · 21 Replies
Is Your Ducato Leaking Oil
My 2005 Ducato X244 engine started leaking oil from the front oil seal on the crankshaft. 18 months ago while getting a new timing belt fitted I also got a new oil seal fitted.
The leak continued, although not as bad (there is 150k on the enginel
I started digging on various forums about the issues.
Many said the leak is the result of garages using the 5W30 oil recommended for the 2007 onwards X250 engines on the older X244 engines.
The recommended oil for the X244 engine is 10W40.
I got the oil in the engine drained and refilled with 10W40. The oil leak has stopped.
So, if any of you have a bit of a leak on your X244 (pre 2007) Ducato first make sure you have the correct oil before spending on new seals.

The opinion of many on the forums was that the engineering tolerances in the older engines are not as tight as in the newer ones, so the thinner oil leaks out. It makes sense.

Date: 11.11.2021 · Author: baguette · 3 Replies
European trip routes
My route, it has taken 15 years to complete, many roads travelled more than once

Date: 11.11.2021 · Author: baguette · 10 Replies
Baguette's Travels
After much encouragement I've finally started a blog.
As time goes by I'll fill in the past 12 years and over 110,000km of motorhome touring as best I can. Mrs has a stack of notes we've kept over the years.

Edit: Start here.

Date: 01.11.2017 · Author: baguette · 110 Replies
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