Login issues & Contacting Motorhomecraic

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Login issues & Contacting Motorhomecraic

Posted: 21.10.2014  ·  #1
Methods of contacting Motorhomecraic.

PM Myself Or an Admin or Moderator(subscribed members only)

Email: Details HERE

Points to note:

1. When you contact Motorhomecraic it is a human being that answers, not a multi corporation with receptionists but a single person.

2. If there was something wrong with the website then we usually know about it before you do.

3. If you cannot log in, this is not Motorhomecraic's fault so please ask nicely for us to fix your account.

4. We are not always at the computer so you may have to wait for a reply.

5. We do our best to help those with issue's regarding anything of the website.

6, The software used for this website is tested and tested by thousands of people around the world, put simply "It Works". The servers the website sits on are very very fast and reliable, could it be your connection that has a hiccup?

7. In the first instance of problems with logging in, use the " Delete cookies of this forum" option which you will find at the bottom of the website if that doesn't work then please clear your internet history, there is a guide HERE for all devices. Also try using another browser, nearly 100% of the times the problem is at your end, not ours.

8. Also please read our extensive Frequently asked Questions and Help HERE

Thank you.

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