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Scam Warning

Posted: 18.04.2023  ·  #1
Just seen this on another site, one of our countrymen/women has been hit with a scam, paid for a van by bank transfer to this company based in Carnforth, Lancashire.

Please do not do business with A E Autosearch Limited we live in Ireland and paid for a campervan through the website it has not arrived and we have lost our money no reply from phone or email reported them to Action Fraud and Irish police but we have very little chance of getting anything back please do not do us them or have anything to do with them it is a complete scam website[

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Re: Scam Warning

Posted: 18.04.2023  ·  #2
eBay in England is rife with 2007ish vans for sale every day, pages of them for around 7-9K and some people can’t believe their luck and jump in. By the time they find out they have lost some or a lot of money

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Re: Scam Warning

Posted: 19.04.2023  ·  #3
No point reporting them on eBay either, they just get re-advertised.

eBay are useless at stopping the scams.

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