Hymer water leak question

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Hymer water leak question

Posted: 18.03.2023  ·  #1
I incorrectly posted in welcome so repeated here.
I imprted this vehicle from Germany this time last year. I purchased from a registered dealer with good references. I did labour the question about damp and damp inspection and received resounding dry sounds from them. Before I left them there was some rain and water poured in from the aircon, so they removed and resealed that (question leak inspection). Lucky timing! Another shower later that week and water appeared on the floor below the fridge and aircon. Confounding, so the aircon was checked again. Later I thought the aircon drains were blocked and I cleaned them out. No more water on the floor. Getting back to Ireland this week and after a very wet few days at Fishguard, I took a tight curve to the right and water showered down on the floor again. Further inspection showed a lake in the tray below the oven that is above the fridge. I removed the panel above the oven and noticed water cascading down the outside of the oven flue. It was raining in Dublin at the time. I checked the flue on the roof and it was loose. Inside the laminated roof panel was soft and soggy around the flue orifice. The cause of the original leak appears to be sloppy installation, as the flue orifice intersects the joint in the hail protection layers on the roof. The mastic used to plug the irregularity was dry and brittle. So my question is, Do I have to really worry? 🤔 the water does not seem to have got between the outer Al skin and insulation more than 5mm. However the plywood ceiling layer is soft and rotten with an area about size of a dinner plate. The bit that scares me is the wet channel to the side that could have let water run down and reach the roof/sidewall join and then migrate front and back along the join. Hymer have a complex roof/sidewall join and I am hoping it is robust enough to resist corrosion along the join, if water did in fact get that far. I can't see any damp in the inside sidewall below the leak, or near the floor but the join area inside is covered by a plastic structure. Anyway if you read all this I appreciate it, and if anyone has some knowledge of the Hymer construction techniques that could answer my question it would be nice. Photos attached. I am busy drying it out, replacing the flue and fitting a 1.5mm Al plate on the ceiling to stablise tightening it all up. I am hoping this will be sufficient and the roof skin won't break out in acne a few years from now.
Regards Paddy
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