Amazing who you meet in the pub.

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Amazing who you meet in the pub.

Posted: 07.02.2023  ·  #1
I was having a drink and chatting about motorhomes with a chap in my local last night.
I discovered he was worth around £4 million, and he told me the amazing story of how he got so rich.

Basically when he left school he had little or no formal qualifications but he was good with his hands and he knew how to sell.
He left school at 16 and with some money loaned from his Dad he bought an old Classic Hymer and spent a few weeks fixing it up. He then sold it for a good profit.
He then used the money to buy another and so on.
He did this continually over the next 35 years, buying, repairing, selling. Even during the real bad times he plugged away. He worked long hours as you do in that trade, sometimes not seeing his wife and kids in the evenings or weekends in pursuit of his goal.
Then his uncle died and left him £4 million.

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