Mercedes 207D 'James Cook' camper project in Spain

she needs some love and will give back lots!!

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Mercedes 207D 'James Cook' camper project in Spain

Posted: 07.01.2023  ·  #1
With pain in my heart, I've decided to sell my 1980 Mercedes 207D 'James Cook' factory built camper. She's got an almost new engine, sourced from a wrecked G-model Mercedes Jeep in 2008. We drove her from the Netherlands (where she's registered) to Spain (where she lives with our friends near Vinyols), and made many trips with her. I replaced the breaks, brake lines, and center axle bearing. Also all tires, but since she's been standing on them, they could be old by now.

She needs TLC: this means, that you have to put time in it before it will run as mice have eaten some wiring, making it impossible to start. So, bring a charged battery and wiring diagram, plus some understanding of how engines work. She hasn't run in five years. But we know diesels only need a little TLC to come back to life!

Windows are in good condition. Chairs from Mazda 626. Has fresh water tank and electric water pump. 2 person bed, I'm 6'2 and could fit in it. Last time I saw her the roof was good. It would be best if you can work on her at the spot, it's near a camp ground, but maybe you can cut a deal to camp right beside her.

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Re: Mercedes 207D 'James Cook' camper project in Spain

Posted: 07.01.2023  ·  #2
While I wish you all the best with the sale I think you might find it difficult to sell it on here as it would really require someone to be living close by and have mechanic skills to get it running

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