Clonmany festival

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Clonmany festival

Posted: 05.04.2022  ·  #1
Clonmany music festival, one of our members has secured Parking right in the village in the community centre.

Please email

The festival runs for the full week, there is water, cassette emptying, grey emptying but no EHU. Showers on site @ €2.00.
The Saturday prior to opening (30th July) we can arrive only after 1:00pm as a car boot sale is there in the morning. Also on the Thursday (4th Aug) and Saturday (6th Aug) there is a craft and car boot sale.... all motorhomes will need to leave the carpark at 8:00am and can return after 1:00pm to facilitate these events.
Parking is €20.00 per night, you can stay as many or as little nights as you wish.

This festival attracts the biggest names and artists, the pub scene has music each day and night, there is all amenities you require in the town inc an excellent supermarket etc.

There is a dedicated festival page at
Their Facebook page is at
another link is

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