Choosing the best pitch

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Choosing the best pitch

Posted: 08.01.2019  ·  #1
I’m writing this based on my experience in Spain and Portugal but some aspects would be applicable on any campsite.
Firstly think about any prerequisites that you may have; for example; close to the toilets, close to the service point, good tv reception, strong WiFi signal.
In my case none of the above are important. For me based on the fact that many sites believe if there is a 6 m gap between units they have enough space for another pitch I want a pitch with a bit of room between neighbours, I want to ensure I can access the pitch without hitting trees or other obstacles, this includes being able to leave the pitch. I want to sit out in the sun so I make sure the pitch or at least the bit where I’ll put out my chairs will get lots of sun throughout the day. Have a compass or ask another camper where does the sun rises and sets. Also be mindful if the pitch next to you is empty what sort of unit could fill it and would they be a sun stealer, there are a lot of very high vans on the site I’m on at present but I’m on the end of the row so I will get the sun to my front in the morning and to my hab side for the rest of the day.
We are middle aged with no kids so for me when selecting a pitch if there are Spanish in the next pitch I’ll avoid it, the Spanish tend to only be on site for a short time it is their holiday and they want to enjoy it to the full, they often sleep in the afternoon and then stay up much later than I would and as they are in party mode can be very noisy.
Some campsites are very close to the main road so a pitch at the back of the site be quieter.
I have found most sites will let you walk around and select your pitch rather than allocate your pitch, take this opportunity. Once settled and if you find your neighbours are hard of hearing and have their telly on really loud go back to reception and ask to move to a quieter pitch.
We have a dog who likes to be outside (tied up) but he is not great with other dogs so we try to avoid being next to a unit with dogs.
If there is a campsite bar and restaurant think about their opening hours and whether this will impact your sleeping time.
Barking dogs are a feature of Spain and Portugal so this can impact where on the campsite you want to pitch up. And many local residents keep chickens so if you see chickens to a side or front/back of the site you might want to as far away as possible.
It is great that Spain and Portugal tend to have rubbish and recycling bins every 100m but the bins are often emptied at night or very early in the morning.
Final point think about the location of the electric point on some site it can be a long way from a pitch.

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