Selecting a campsite

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Selecting a campsite

Posted: 03.04.2016  ·  #1
Based on my own limited experiences these tips may help you find the campsite that is right for you, especially if there are plenty to chose from in the area you intend to stay and haven't booked in advance or have not stayed before.

Personal recommendation from someone with similar tastes to yourself who has stayed on the campsite before.
Using a review site such as Google, Facebook, trip advisor etc but please remember the reviews may have been written by someone who has different tastes or requirements.
Google maps or street view if they claim to be near an attraction, just how near? Also useful to see if the site is near a main road, noise source etc.
If you arrive on the site, park up and ask to look around before you commit to stay, check the following; access to the pitches, suitability of the pitches (size, slope, surface, drainage, shelter from sun or rain & location in relation to other amenities.) strength of the wifi if this is important, check the toilets and showers are they fit for purpose do the showers have push buttons to turn on the water, if you want to get your laundry done what sort of machines do they have and are the prices reasonable? Have they got lines to dry the washing or can you put up your own, is the EHU point in reach of your lead, do they charge extras for for example, showers, fresh water and if so factor this cost in to the pitch fee is it reasonable?
Most sites will not mind you checking these things if they do have they got something to hide?
Remember you are the customer it is your choice as to whether you wish to spend your money on the campsite.
Also unless the site has a minimum number of nights stay or your need to be there for multiple days I would ask to stay for one night with the ability to extend rather than pay for 3 nights and find for whatever reason the site doesn't work for you, for example you find the church bells sound throughput the night or when it rains the campsite gets flooded.

I hope this helps someone and I'm sure others will be able to add to this and of course many of you will know this already or may have different views.
Happy camping.
Huge omission but when I was writing this I was thinking more of continental campsites not home based. The omission, being the review section on MHC. :'(

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Re: Selecting a campsite

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