Motorhome Craic for sale

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Motorhome Craic for sale

Posted: 31.01.2024  ·  #1
This website and everything it entails, Facebook group (29k members), 9000 members on this website is for sale.

40 million!! Visitors!!! To the website alone!

The first Irish dedicated motorhome communities.

No reasonable offer refused, ideal for a business, motorhome dealer, campsite, club or an individual with the energy to promote motorhome tourism throughout Ireland.

Ally will not be returning.

Any offers should be emailed to

If not sold by December 2024 it will be archived for future reference.
Facebook presence deleted.

No admin from TMI (total motorhome Ireland, the stolen FB group) or their associates are welcome to offer. Clauses will be implemented in the sale to avoid any TMI involvement in the future.

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